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What is Commercial Security Access Control?

The purpose of commercial security access control is to ensure a business is kept secure throughout the day. In general terms, access control is a means of using some system to control who can go into or out of an area through designated areas, doors, and gates.

The primary reason to use access control systems revolves almost solely around security. Although there are other uses for implementing commercial security access control in a building, such as internal tracking the employees, even these purposes relate to security in one way or another.

Advancements in Security Access Control Systems
The simplest forms of access control are something as basic as fences or doors secured with lock and key. However, as technology advances in increasingly innovative ways, so have access control systems.

Modern commercial security access control systems now rely on a computer-based system paired with some form of locking systems, such as physical card readers, key fobs, radio frequency identification (RFID) chips, or even biometric scanners. Using these methods to secure specified areas produces an efficient line of protection that ensures only authorized individuals are granted quick and easy access to secure areas.

Incorporating Access Control Security Systems in Businesses
Vandalism, theft, fraud, assault, and even terrorism are a constant threat to business offices and commercial establishments. Aside from protecting assets, access control systems also help to overcome liability concerns with employees, visitors, and sensitive data.

Neglecting site security can result in serious ramifications that include loss of time, money, and even potential lawsuits in certain circumstances. In addition, it’s well known that most potential criminals tend to seek out and exploit the least secure facilities since they are generally much easier targets.

A commercial security access control system keeps unwanted visitors from entering restricted areas, decreases the risk of vandalism, theft, and assault, and deters criminals before they act.

Integrating Access Control & Business Security Systems
When it comes to security, every business has different needs. Business security requirements will vary across industries due to fluctuating on-site challenges, operations, personnel requirements, and other mitigating factors.

Finding the best commercial security access control solution requires the experience and expertise of professional installers. Fortunately, when it comes time for business access control installations in New York, our qualified team is here to help.

Fortress Security Solutions is proud to be regarded among the top access control and security system installation companies in NYC and beyond. To speak with an experienced professional about designing a custom security solution to keep your business secure around the clock, contact us for help.



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