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Fortress Security is an industry leader in providing professional security camera installation services.

We provide the highest quality in both security camera equipment and knowledgeable technicians that are sure to get the job done right the first time. Let us give you peace of mind by protecting your home and business.

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Your Convenience

Fortress Security will be there as scheduled to install your security camera surveillance system. You choose the best time for us to accommodate you while not interrupting your life or business operations.

Optimal Coverage

Once we begin, we will discretely run low voltage cables, and then begin to mount the cameras. Each camera will be positioned to give you the very best coverage of the area you’d like to monitor.

Top Notch Quality

Our security camera installation team will provide you with the best and most up-to-date software and hardware available. These security cameras are available for your residential or commercial needs.

Centralized Video Management System – Enterprise Level

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Flexible Video Controls
  • Advanced Alarm Management
  • Powerful Map Integration
  • Access Control Management
  • Dynamic Smart Walls
  • Modern Clients for Web, Workstation and Mobile
  • Health Monitoring and Audit Trail Assist Maintenance
  • Third-Party Integration with OpenSDK

Video Analytics

Video Analytics enhances video surveillance systems by continuously and tirelessly performing the tasks of real-time event detection, post-event analysis and extraction of statistical data while saving manpower costs and increasing the effectiveness of the surveillance system operation.

Thermal Cameras

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit thermal radiation, even at low levels. This kind of radiation, invisible to the human eye, can be detected by thermal imaging sensors. Thermal cameras can produce images in the visual spectrum by detecting temperature differences between an object and its surroundings.

Multi-Imager Cameras

Multi-Sensor, Multi-Directional Cameras to deliver 180/360 degree panaramic view with details.

License Plate Recognition Cameras

Capture vehicle images and recognize license plate numbers in a variety of lighting conditions.

Darkfighter Cameras

A larger sensor, a better lens design, along with multiple advanced technologies to provide excellent all-around daytime images, as well as high-quality color images in dark environments.

Video Wall Solutions

The Smart Wall provides powerful management functions, including real-time video surveillance and visual alarm data. Flexible viewing modes simplifies any set of tasks on the wall.

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