Security for Office Buildings

Fortress Security offers a variety of Custom Access Control solutions that are designed according to the needs of your building. This will allow you to effortlessly control all visitors to any part of the office building or property.

Our systems are designed to stop free roamers or those just casing the joint. Reduce your liability by controlling access to your office building today and protect your approved visitors. Our robust access control systems are designed to reduce the amount of security personnel you will need onsite. In the past, a typical hi-rise office building might need around the clock staff of 4 to 6 security guards to effectively operate. With Fortress Security Solutions that number can go as low as 1 or zero when configured properly.

You never know what every visitor is up to and if they have negative intentions to create harm or steal, which gravely endangers employees and authorized visitors to the office building.  It’s crucial that your office building has some type of preventive measure that stops unwanted visitors from gaining access. All of our access control systems utilize only top quality brands and we are in fact authorized by the leading access control companies in the USA. All of our equipment is serviced and maintained by experienced technicians.

Fortress Security is the goto professionals for any type of Access Control from design, installation, repairs, and maintenance. We will layout a plan and then implement a seamless design for the most effective access control system that is unique to your office buildings’ security requirements.

All Access Control jobs performed by Fortress Security’s include all of the hardware and software needed for a complete system. From Enterprise-grade solutions to small business solutions we have you taken care of.

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Keypad entry systems are used to secure doors, gates and other entry points for businesses and consumers. Users will enter a numerical combination to gain access to the secured area.

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry Systems require the user to call a resident or employee to enter. Most often, you will see telephone entry systems used to secure neighborhoods or private residences.

Card Readers

Card Readers utilize specifically programmed cards to allow entry. The user will scan their card into the device which will grant access to the user via an automatic locking device.

Secure Your Office Building With Our Access Control Solutions

In the past, a lock and key system with a physical guard was the only way to secure a commercial or residential building. This outdated setup is no longer valid for larger office buildings with plenty of assets ripe for the taking. As the times change, so should your security defenses against any unwanted visitors.

Access control is the best solution to replace your lock and key front line of defense for gaining access to your office building.  An access control system will make your office building less vulnerable to security breaches. Lost keys can easily be reprogrammed and reissued in minutes and aren’t an issue for future security breaches.

Every entry point is controlled and user data is recorded to who accessed what and where.  Access Control Systems log every entry into any doorway, especially important for unwanted visitors after hours and holding those accountable.

Safety & Security for Office Buildings – How It Works!

You will never have to change your locks again when you employ an electronic access control system. Many times locks are changed if an employee is terminated, even if they weren’t disgruntled. This is a common practice for creating a tighter security seal. Access control is basic at its core principle but overwhelming one of the most effective methods for controlling who has access to any office building. Having a dual-edged blanket of security with keypad access, card, or fob is all you need for this sophisticated system to operate seamlessly.


Wireless Locks

Visitor Entry Intercom

Protect Your Family, Staff, and Property With Access Control Systems

Businesses notoriously have a lot of assests that are accessbile to anyone who has gain entry to the building. We can help you protect all of your precious assets along with the everyday authorized visitors and employees to your office building.

Door Entry Systems for offices through an access control system is the ultimate way of providing a better peace of mind, that your most important assets, documents, and property are thoroughly protected.

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