Fortress Security’s Custom Access Control solutions are powerful so you can secure your profits with an efficient Office Access Control System.

Loss of confidential information and valuable assets can threaten the integrity of your identity as well as your business. We are your goto office access control system provider.

Unwanted visitors with intent to harm or steal can endanger your employees and customers. It’s important that your facilities have controlled access to ensure the safety of all. Knowing that your access control system is comprised of best-in-class technology and is serviced by certified and experienced technicians is highly important. Whether you require peace of mind from dangerous intruders or an audit trail of your employees’ locations, we provide a broad range of options when it comes to physical security.

Fortress Security has the depth of experience to design, install, and maintain a seamless access control system that is unique to your security needs. Being an authorized Brivo Access Control dealer allows us to pass on greater discounts to all of our clientele.

All of the jobs performed by Fortress Security’s Access Control Department include all of the hardware and software needed to meet your needs. No job is too large or too small for Fortress Security.

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Keypad entry systems are used to secure doors, gates and other entry points for businesses and consumers. Users will enter a numerical combination to gain access to the secured area.

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry Systems require the user to call a resident or employee to enter. Most often, you will see telephone entry systems used to secure neighborhoods or private residences.

Card Readers

Card Readers utilize specifically programmed cards to allow entry. The user will scan their card into the device which will grant access to the user via an automatic locking device.

Securing Your Office Building With A Brivo Access Control System

Securing a residential or commercial building with your standard lock and key system may have been a suitable arrangement in the past, but as times change so should your defenses against unauthorized visitors.

Using keys as your primary method of accessing your building leaves your home or business vulnerable to security breaches. In addition to the high potential that keys have for being easily lost or stolen, if your home or business’s keys fall into the wrong hands, disaster could ensue.

The ease at which traditional access control system keys are stolen, copied, and multiplied by untrustworthy individuals can be avoided by utilizing our comprehensive electronic access control system to regulate building access.

Exclusive Building Entry Regulation – How It Works!

Using an electronic access control system means that you will never need to change your locks as a method of tightening security. Our simple but effective access control system consists of two safeguarding components: personalized building access key fobs and our comprehensive electronic access controlled door system.


Wireless Locks

Visitor Entry Intercom

Protect Your Family, Staff, and Property With Access Control Systems

Your business, family, and property are all precious – we want to help you protect them. Your corporate building or family home all have assets that cannot be replaced, including employees and the lives of your loved ones.

Entry regulation through an access control system is a complete way of providing peace of mind, that your most important assets, documents, and relationships are thoroughly protected.

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