Door Entry Systems For Offices

Fortress Security’s Custom Access Control solutions are designed so that you can effortlessly control all visitors to any office building or property.

Allowing anyone to roam freely and access your office building today is a massive liability for the owner of the property. Protecting the assets and workers in an office environment is not only the safest way to operate but it actually reduces cost for manned security or a door person.  Fortress is your goto office access control system provider.

Some visitors might have nefarious intent to steal or create harm, which greatly endangers your customers and employees. It is vital that your office building has some type of access control to give visitors a better peace of mind while ensuring the safety of all. All of our access control systems are comprised of the highest quality components and cutting edge technology. They are also maintained and serviced by experienced technicians.

Fortress Security is experienced in all aspects of Access Control from design, installation, repairs, and maintenance. We will design and implement a seamless access control system that is unique to your security requirements.

All Access Control jobs performed by Fortress Security’s include all of the hardware and software needed for a complete system. From Enterprise-grade solutions to small business solutions we have you taken care of.

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Keypad entry systems are used to secure doors, gates and other entry points for businesses and consumers. Users will enter a numerical combination to gain access to the secured area.

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry Systems require the user to call a resident or employee to enter. Most often, you will see telephone entry systems used to secure neighborhoods or private residences.

Card Readers

Card Readers utilize specifically programmed cards to allow entry. The user will scan their card into the device which will grant access to the user via an automatic locking device.

Securing Your Building With Door Entry Access Control Solutions

Securing a commercial or residential building with a regular lock and key system might have been a decent setup in the previously, but as times are changing so should your security defenses against any unwanted visitors.

If a lock and key is your front line of defense for gaining access to your building then your office building will be more vulnerable to security breaches. Factor in that often times key are lost or stolen leaving another potential opening for unwanted access.

It is far to easy for someone with back intentions to copy your key too without you knowing allowing unlimited access to the building. Access Control Systems log every entry into any doorway, especially important for unwanted visitors after hours.

Safe & Secure Building Access Control – How It Works!

When you utilize an electronic access control system it simply means that you will never again have to change your locks as a method of creating a tighter seal of security. Our basic process is simple but one of the most effective access control solutions because you have a dual-edged blanket of security with fob, card, or keypad access that is controlled by highly sophisticated electronic access controlled door system.


Wireless Locks

Visitor Entry Intercom

Protect Your Family, Staff, and Property With Access Control Systems

Businesses notoriously have a lot of assests that are accessbile to anyone who has gain entry to the building. We can help you protect all of your precious assets along with the everyday authorized visitors and employees to your office building.

Door Entry Systems for offices through an access control system is the ultimate way of providing a better peace of mind, that your most important assets, documents, and property are thoroughly protected.

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