Business Access Control Systems
Access Control Systems

What Are Business Access Control Systems?

There is a wide range of business access control systems available. Although many are used for security reasons, there are some that are used for alternative purposes, such as timekeeping or visitor and employee management in and around the business facility.

Business Access Control Systems

Access control equipment provides flexible control over access to businesses and benefits establishments of all sizes as a low cost, maintainable solution for managing entry and exit at one or more entrances. However, business access control systems provide more than an efficient means for improving security at entrances and exits.

Most facilities, not just those with security concerns, prefer only authorized people to be granted access to the premises. Access control equipment provides greater control over buildings and protects assets from crime, theft, nuisance, and vandalism in addition to other useful purposes.

Although access control systems are most commonly thought of as controlling the access of individuals into specified areas, these modern solutions enable businesses to monitor staff and visitors within a building, manage varying permissions, and help to control the flow of people throughout the facility.

Different Access Control System Options

Basic access control equipment will generally protect a single entry, usually with audio or electronic key/PIN devices, although video entry systems are being used more and more frequently. These are commonly used by smaller business offices.

Larger establishments will generally need at least one or two doors monitored and rely on card readers controlled by local operators for access authorization. These systems are more commonly favored by schools, retail stores, small offices, and some residential facilities.

For large facilities, industrial areas, warehouses, and similar commercial properties, a popular choice is to install multi-door and multi-site business access control systems that use a computer to connect to a network of controllers and enable card reader entry.

Access control has also embraced biometric technology, such as fingerprints, which are unique and difficult to duplicate. Smartcard technology is also becoming increasingly popular, especially in business access control entry and logging systems, due to its flexibility over other systems.

Card entry systems are not limited to only controlling door and building access. Card entry technology also enables secure logins onto things like computers and for moneyless purchases.

Business access control systems are commonly used for a diverse variety of purposes and can even be integrated with payroll systems or used to monitor the reliability of clients. However, more commonly, the technology is integrated with security camera systems and used mainly for security purposes.

Access Control Installation in South Florida

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